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  1. Where are my parts robbocj?
  2. A very stressful situation
  3. What is the Resolution Center?
  4. How can I get something from interstate?
  5. I don't know the person I am buying from?
  6. iTrader for Buyers and Sellers
  7. Where did my thread go ?
  8. STILL Missing extractors 2 MONTHS LATER
  9. RobXJ
  10. MOSES where,s my stuff & my rego plates
  11. something good to say about a fellow ajor'er
  12. not naming names
  13. Albion Jeep
  14. AJOR Courier Service for other members
  15. Fourbys
  16. Wooders - you're a champ - again
  17. Rodgebone
  18. dont buy from stoney2
  19. Wooders - Great 1st Purchase....
  20. want to buy but getting frustrated
  22. Overkill Engineering
  23. Warning!
  24. Alla - fix this
  25. Ajor windscreensticker
  26. Poly Performance in the US
  27. Why has my wanted thread been moved
  28. Is Solid Axle Still in Business
  29. Update to Solid Axle
  30. Axle maker in Sydney
  31. Off Road Cartel-are they good to deal with?
  32. Warning for all when dealing with Solid Axle Industries in VIC.
  33. Action Motorcycles - Who else has had problems?
  34. bigballsoffroad BBM Motorsports ebay
  35. Ice Land Off Road
  36. AJOR vendor leaves a real sour taste
  37. Seatglovers, poor service.
  38. hammonds
  39. Will not pay for goods
  40. Paid but no goods
  41. Not everyone can be trusted
  42. Get all quotes in writing... no matter how small
  43. Dont dont dont buy a tigerz11 winch
  44. Bad service at Redcliffe Jeep dealership
  45. refund???
  47. Buyer beware, a lesson learnt.
  48. Freight Management Australia
  49. Just differentials. bad service
  50. Automotive Specialty Systems
  51. Green_and_scrambled please pay up
  52. Warning about very dodgy crooks Minshull Mechanic in Broome WA
  53. Still waiting on Dazza96
  54. Do you want customer service with your fries? mmmm does it cost extra?
  55. Poly4x4 woes
  56. Morris 4x4 if you are patient
  57. Why is it so ???
  58. Gumtree: wrecking 98 XJ Brisbane area
  59. Thumbs down Dealing with MARKET DIRECT CAMPERS? Think twice!!!
  60. scammers ?
  61. How long is a reasonable time to wait?
  62. Pi$$ed off
  63. XJ #1 injector ebay
  64. Damaged tyre from MDK
  65. No payment from scottandbeck
  66. Overkill Engineering
  67. American Powertrain Warehouse - poor service
  68. ACCC on Jeeps case on spare parts.
  69. Former Ford counsel Peter George to mediate between Jeep parent FCA and customers in
  70. Anyone know "Holness"
  71. ARB Wentworthville SYDNEY
  72. Rocky road 4wd usa
  73. Quadratec TJ rock sliders
  74. TJM - What a bunch of muppets