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24-01-2012, 02:38 PM
Airflow vector have the wk/wk2 grand cherokee on their list to develop a snorkel :p
any one in VIC or any where else willing and able to provide their JGC as the prototype template?
they will need one of each motor type e.g. Diesel, V6 petrol, V8 petrol
you get a free snorkel at the end of the process:D
I would but i'm in Darwin
so come on you southerners lets be proactive and supply a JGC so we can have a snorkel
Diesel owners lets go, we all want accessories here's our chance :cool:

any one interested here's the info they sent me

Cheers Yoda

Hello Paul

Thank you for your enquiry.

We have supported Jeep and have been supported by the jeep community for many year now.
We will continue to make air induction equipment for jeep while the others find them too difficult

The current Grant Cherokee is on our list
One of the major problems is access to vehicles to use as the master for manufacturing.
This is the cast with the Current Grand Cherokee.
If you know any body with a vehicle, the process is attached

Please find attached "Description of Snorkel operation"

Thank you for your enquiry.

All our products are designed, tooled and made in our Factory in Dromana, Victoria, Australia

The ___________ diesel and petrol LHD & RHD are on the list for _________

We need to collect and collate vehicle information
Year, model shape, year run and any model changes to shape "small" eg head light shape, swage in guard ect
Engine's type, year run, petrol, diesel, lts ect
Air cleaner type, inlet and outlet diameters, LH / RH side.
electric fuel injection "efi", common rail "crd", turbo, super charger, intercooler, direct injection, ect
Under bonnet photo's close then back a metre
Any changes Left hand drive verses Right hand drive under the bonnet. eg battery changes size, zxy changed position.

Subjet to access to vehicles.
At the moment we have __________vehicle lined up.

The deal is
We need the vehicle three time
1st take a mould of the guard / "A" pillar, under bonnet ect 3 to 5 hrs
2nd trial fit 3 to 4 hrs
3rd Fit the snorkel min 8 hrs, has been up to 16hrs(only once have we had a vehicle for 2 days)
We will need to dyno test the vehicle before and after a snorkel is fitted.
To check the increase in performance, airflow pressure, friction losses, fuel economy ect
This is done in Cheltenham
In the finish we have the kit made and the vehicle has the first of Cold Air Induction Snorkel free of charge.
We will take the driver through the process and shout them a cup of Tea / Coffee ect.

Let me know if you have any taker's petrol and diesel
Please pass this on to your club members
The vehicle need come to us in Dromana

Send me your phone number and I will give you a call to dicuss further.

Keep in contact by email or phone.

If you have any further quires let me know

Thank you for your interest

Michael Kirk Williams

Airflow Vector P/L
GMT+10 : +61359873733
Skype "mapkw1"

4 Collins Road Dromana
Victoria Australia 3936

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