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View Full Version : New maximum steel JGC limited

14-08-2012, 01:14 PM
Well finally look like getting vehicle in october, ordered in late April early May.
Will be fiied with adventure pack, Mopar towbar and cargo barrier

14-08-2012, 03:16 PM
Nice dont forget the pics when it happens :)

20-08-2012, 05:29 PM
Its sitting on the docks in USA waiting for finals and shipping. Anyone fitted a ECG Bullbar. Does this bar overcome the issue with the front hooks, ie are they any stronger and will they be suitable for snatching

20-08-2012, 05:56 PM
Be great for you when it gets here but I just don't know how people can wait that long, I'd buy an demo or straight off the lot, no way I could wait that long unless there was a massive $$$$ incentive, the Toowoomba dealer has a couple on the floor if he couldn't sell me one then and there I'd be gone.

ozzie when you get it go for a fast run along a dirt road and get it nice an dirty so you can post some great pics for us .

21-08-2012, 10:14 PM
Thanks Drover I have/will be leasing but have limit thus the need to buy accessories after delivery. WIll get dirty I can assure as this wiil be my 4th 4wd. If the test drive was anything to go by it will be the best. Sick off the wait tho, better be worth the effort.;)

22-08-2012, 01:36 PM
Hey ozzie,

(& Hi everybody, long time reader - this forum has been such a wealth of information for me pre-sale & post-sale thought id start contributing to help others)

Good luck with everything, my situation was similar to yours.

I got my new Limited CRD White, in late June and took it out on a lease, although I couldn't wait to have one built so I rang around and found a cancelled order that was already on the boat. Had a few factory options I didnt want, but got them anyway because I didnt like the idea of a 5 month wait. ( Turns out a heated stearing wheel isn't so bad after all 8) )

Accessories all got put on post delivery as I didnt want to pay more LCT, and didnt want them included in the cost of the car.

So far side steps, weather shields and front recorvery hook have gone on. Next will be tyres (going AT's 275/55/20 on stock 20" wheels - will change the wheels if I ever feel the need to do serious bush bashing, but this is my daily driver as well as my weekender so need a balance), then possibly under-body armor for piece of mind (have come close a couple of times). Need to try and convice the leader of the opposition on a Bull Bar eventually (she hates them) once ARB come our with something, alterneley ECB will be the go.