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View Full Version : Trip Report: Big Desert, Wyperfield, Ngarkat

11-10-2016, 07:25 PM
Well there is no trip report section so I will put it in here.
A few mates and I were planning on doing Googs these school holidays but did Big Desert instead as the temps up on the Googs would have been 40*C, I threw the invite for Big Desert out on here but the fellow Jeepers were busy.

We kicked off at 8am Saturday morning and headed for Pinaroo where the Grand needed a drink of fuel before continuing, we went straight down the Border Track where we realsied how much rain there has been, I was the first recovery of the weekend, stuck on the first gate, massive bog hole.
We then turned left in to Big Desert along Fire Break Track and turned down Coburns Track and set up for lunch at Red Gums, a nice big cap ground. After that we found some massive dunes to play on and happily the Grand made itup them all and my mates Prado that usually walks up everything got stuck on the :D
After playing in the massive sandhills we continued along Cactus Bore Track and on to the Murrayville-Nhill Track and down to Big Billy bore where we set up camp for the night. The entrance and first few camp sites was under water, so after negotiating that we found that about a k up the track there were heaps more camp sites and we had the place to ourselves.
Day 2 saw us continue down the Murrayville track for a look, then head up to Brushcutters track where we gave the Grand another much needed drink from the Jerries, this then saw us continue down Delisio and Campbell Tracks up to White Springs, that was completely under water so after finding the shallowest part through and giving the wheels and breaks a much needed clean driving through 100m of water we all had multiple attempts at making it to the top of the lookout, with no luck at all. We then headed to Big Dune Track and had a crack at the dune, no luck at all, the thing is massive!!!! We headed up Jons Bore Track and along Firebreak Track back to Murrayville where my mate had a massive blowout on one of his Coopers, totally ripped the outside of the tyre apart!!!:hammer:
Once swapped over we went to Pinaroo to give the Grand another drink of fuel and rode the Highway to Lameroo then south into Ngrakat and down to Box Flat campground. Well, what a ripper of a campground, it's massive, and we had it to ourselves again.
Day 3 we headed back out and down Bucks Camp Track, walked up one seriously farkin massive sandhill then drove along Mount Rescue and the rest of Baan hills Track. We too the Easterly South Boundary Track to Rabbit Island Soak that was under water then continued along to Bucks Camp, a ripper of a spot, we set up in the camp spot ont the Northern side of the road, much needed protection from the bloody wind and broke out the brews and cooking pots :D
This morning I was up early and left at about 7am, the others were still snoring, I had to make a break for home as I had a heap of things to organise. While airing up when I got the main Highway my compressor died after 2 wheels :( so I had to drive slowly the 20 k's up to Tintinara to air up and give the Grand another drink before heading home.
I'll post up some pics on this thread once I have a chance to go through them :D
All in all it;s a great bloody part of the country to see if your thinking about it!

Edit:I don't actually have too many of the wheeling but will have to wait for my mate to get back from Bali to send me his pics.
One of the first big sand dunes ( ( by Ian Lucas (, on Flickr

Blowout ( ( by Ian Lucas (, on Flickr

Box Flat Campground Sunset ( ( by Ian Lucas (, on Flickr ( ( by Ian Lucas (, on Flickr

Me being silly ( ( by Ian Lucas (, on Flickr
Some mud ( ( by Ian Lucas (, on Flickr ( ( by Ian Lucas (, on Flickr

12-10-2016, 09:49 AM
Look forward to some pic's :)
Haven't driven that area yet but will do soon.


PS: A trip reports section would be a great addition.

12-10-2016, 02:34 PM
It's a great part to explore, some monster dunes to climb and some great camping areas, and not too far from fuel

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12-10-2016, 05:03 PM
wow once again great pics!
I cant wait to head back over that way again think ill wait until its a bit drier this time though haha!

12-10-2016, 06:22 PM
wow once again great pics!
I cant wait to head back over that way again think ill wait until its a bit drier this time though haha!

Haha, yeah, or just avoid the deep puddles.
We drove through some long stretches of water though, about 50m or so, not too deep, just over the bottom of the doors, some of the areas were just filled with water, at least the clean water washed all the mud off the wheels and breaks.
I reckon it would be awful when it's drier. It was about 32 on Saturday and Sunday out there and the flies were already being a pain in the ass.
I will definitely go back out there, the dunes are huge, bigger than the Border Track I reckon, and soo many tracks, just need to sort out how to carry more fuel.

13-10-2016, 07:06 PM
This was the first gate up the very top of the Border Track, stuck down onto the belly, as I got out my foot and boot sunk half way up my calf, she was a soft, sloppy mess, a quick snatch and I was out. 5 mins after hitting the dirt, someone was stuck:) ('') by Ian Lucas (''), on Flickr ('') by Ian Lucas (''), on Flickr

This was climbing one of the almighty sand dunes, yes I made it :p ('') by Ian Lucas (''), on Flickr

And just to stir my over confident mate in the Prado that got stuck on the hills ('') by Ian Lucas (''), on Flickr