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shmick82 03-06-2011 07:26 AM

2.8 vm diesel engine life

hi all,
i was going to post in JK but i think the 2.8 diesel was also in other Jeeps?
What kind of km should one expect out of a well kept 2.8 crd vm motori engine? do you think it would get to the 350000+km of the toyotas etc? what is the most you have? would u buy a crd with over 100000kms? i understand there are also variables like how hard you go, or offroading, but just generally...

glend 03-06-2011 08:52 AM

There are KJ Vm CRDs with around 250,000kms on them now. Early VM engines were found in the XJ (2.5l), then the KJ series used a more advanced version in them initially the 2.5L and then the 2.8L for the bulk of the model years. The last KJ (Cherokee) CRDs were produced in April 2007 and sold here as 2007 model year. THe KK series Cherokee also uses the VM 2.8 and this engine is most similiar to the JK CRD in the current models. The newer VM CRDs feature a different head design to the last of the KJs and the injectors are different.

You could probably find a very high kilometre XJ with the VM engine, try asking in the XJ forum and see what you get (but be aware that the XJ VM engine was an old push rod deisgn (I thnk) and the engine technology moved on heaps from them).

Best of all in my opinion, is that the VM engine is easily rebuilt; it has wet cyclinder liners that can be replaced and most modern engines can't even be rebored - the Mercedes CRD used in the Grand is a typical example - the Merc also uses one piece head assemblies that mean it can't be just fixed if you do a valve, you need the hold assembly if you want to fix it. A testament to VM is that Fiat/Chyrsler is going to be putting the VM V6 3.0L CRD in the new Grand CRD.

double black offroad 03-06-2011 09:08 AM

The motor is proving reiliable but modern motors are just not designed for the high mileage of older Toyotas and Patrols for example. Their new diesels wont yield that mileage either today.
Manufacturers want you to buy a car every 3 to 4 years, they are becoming a disposable item!

Auberon 04-06-2011 12:18 AM

This VM 2.8 crd motor is known to have the rep of being a "million mile motor" provided reasonable care is taken of it. I believe that was in the design brief? That is my target. I agree with the points Glend made re wet liners and the other benefits he notes.

The "sweetness" one picks up from these motors as they just begin to be run in getting up over 30 000kms. This sweet ltalian motor has a note that is associated with longevity and jolly good engineering as has been my experience with Italian made motors like Pasquali and many others and I am in awe of the life expectancy engineered into Fiat agricultural engines Same too (pronounced Sar-may).

This note has always been a tonality which from experience is indicative of a keeping on keeping on motor - of a motor in balance. Many newer ones just don't have it now - a different way to say it to Glend but meaning the same thing really.

If the last Corolla we owned did 500 000 km before trade-in and our current Ford is @ just over 200 000 km why not?

shmick82 04-06-2011 09:23 AM

good points from everyone. thanks. anyone else have an opinion? ive only really had ls1 engines. they seem good. my friends is upto 250000, engine fine, though other parts are shitting themselves. maybe its because holden have restricted them so much they never run at max (unless you play with it). no experience with crd.
would you buy a high milage crd?

glend 04-06-2011 10:36 AM

Only if:

it had a Provent installed from new,
I knew its history and had seen the service records,
and had a good diesel mechanic go over it.

The engine itself will probaby be ok if serviced as recommended by the owners manual, the problems come from the auxiliary systems like EGR, intercooler, hoses, etc. All recent CRDs have CCV blowby recycling - which means oil mist being routed back into the intake side of the engine (supposedly to be reburnt to meet US emission requirements), this oil can degrade turbo hoses (will in the case of Jeep) and clog up the intercooler and intake body (especially when mixed with soot recycling from the EGR). Fitting a Provent from new pretty much stops the black goop build up that clogs most CRDs over time. You can always stick one on an old engine but by then the stuff is already in there. There are ways to clean Intercoolers and hoses can be replaced with Samco silicon ones, but the intake body can't easily be cleaned without removing it (ie the head).

There is no better way of creating a million Kilometre CRD than buying it new, taking the necessary steps to remove or correct the system design flaws that they tacked on to meet the emission reqs, and looking after it obsessively. And I might add stay away from engines that cannot be fixed easily (like the Merc ones).

Northern Territory 06-06-2011 11:39 AM

longevity of JK 2.8litre VM Diesel engine

I have a 2010 2.8 litre VM Diesel Wrangler. I always change the engine oil of my vehicles at 5,000K as I reckon the manufacturers oil change recommendations are tied to the Warranty they only worry about them lasting till the warranty runs out. I always use good quality synthetic oil as well. As a new JK owner one thing that puzzels me as I come up to my first 5,000k oil change on the vehicle is that the viscosity recommended in the Jeep owners manual is 0-40 but the dealer states 5-20..bearing in mind it gets hot in the Territory can anyone advise me on this?

2010 JK Wrangler Diesel Unlimited
2" Lift OME suspension
Safari Snorkel
Kaymar Rear Bumper and Tyre Carrier

Yom 06-06-2011 02:09 PM

Dealer is wrong. 5w20 is for the V6 in northern hemisphere conditions.

Northern Territory 06-06-2011 02:22 PM

2.8 Diesel engine life

what is a Provent and where can you purchase one?

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