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CrazyNuts 25-08-2003 04:20 PM

Cleaning Tips

Anyone got any cleaning tips on how to keep their jeeps to that showroom shine?

I am having a lot of success with ARMORALL products. Infact i just use the one for mutliple purposes. Armorall Tyre Foam.

I use it on the soft-top after washing, brings back the shine
I use it on the chassy/underbody
I use it on the engine bay
I use it on the bumpers/flares
...and obviously i use it on the tyres :)

Wooders 25-08-2003 04:37 PM

I'm a cleaning Jeep novice so I've only got three tips...

1. beofre hitting the mud, spray baby oil over the radiator to help prevent mud sticking & clogging it.....
2. After mudding, park your jeep ontop of a sprinkler - after the 3rd beer it should ne nice & loose for a final higher pressure hose down.
3. Remove those rear inner guards so you can get into the areas that the mud & water will be stuck....

LEXX 25-08-2003 04:43 PM

hmmmmm removing the rear inner guards Wooders. I've been playing with the idea to get rid of these for a while now, do they stop anything at all?

Wooders 25-08-2003 04:57 PM

I found a HEAP of crud unde mine when I removed them. Plus there's a channel that runs along the underneath of the body under the rocker/body mounts and it was chocka with mud & crud - so now I can easily hose it out......

zzzz 25-08-2003 05:01 PM

what the hell is this cleaning you speak so highly off? :D

nutbreak 25-08-2003 05:07 PM

an old trick i learned of a mechanic..if u have dirty engine parts(sticky lifters) spray some oven cleaner on them.. works a treat(out of the engine ofcourse) i suppose if degreaser does not cut the cheese for ur job oven cleaner is a little stronger.....but always check that u dont use alkaline degreasers on alloy it will eat them!

CrazyNuts 25-08-2003 05:14 PM

To protect your seats from mud stains get some 3M Fabric Protectant. I sprayed some on my jeep and all the mud just effortlessly came off (once dried up) with no residue left over.

oscar_the_grouch 25-08-2003 05:24 PM

CN where'd u get the 3m fabric protectant n how much ????

Grant 25-08-2003 06:37 PM

Ok all you rag top owners some tips on maintening your zippers (even works on your pants)
So far I have repaired zippers on several forum members canopies and as it turns out both were what I suspected Zippers were not stuffed at all but full of crud and no lube on teeth
along with stretched sliders (the little black thingy that lets you open and close zip)
first thing you need to do is wash zipper (teeth and slider) for that the best is either RP7 / WD40 or similar to do this get a rag to put behind the zip the spray should have a plastic tube so that it only goes onto the teeth (will not degrade the fabric though) start at one end and was slowly all along the zip one end to the other then wipe teeth, test sliders (if you have sections of zip that have parted when should be closed do not panic)
Wrok slider slowly backwards so that opened section goes back through slider (very slowly doing this as you do not want to damage the zip teeth)
it will take you a while but perserver remember that 30 minutes to do it is a lot cheaper than zip replacement as the proper plastic for your windows is roughly $200.00 a sheet (some trimmers will charge like a woulded bull and fit plastic that is $1.75 a meter and not use the VYBAC window grade plastic)
after you get the slider and sip open properly then get a pair of Multi Grips and come in from the front of the slider (opened section) and place the jaws of the grips on the back of the slider (one one side) and squeeze carefully (trick is not to jam it but close up back of slider) then do same for other side (ensure that the zip teeth are not caught in back of Jaws when squeezing or you will be up for at least a slider and about $60.00).
Then lube the teeth with pure Bees wax
Zips should have the crap washed out of then every couple of weeks if doing lots of offroad work.
Just remember that they are the weakest part of canopy
Hope this makes sense if not call me 03 97426668
(motor trimmer & Sail maker talking here)

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