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amlav 08-01-2019 09:53 PM

XJ 2.5 TD injector no.1 needle sensor repair step by step with pics.

After much research today I've pulled apart my injector no.1 with a faulty needle sensor coil and got in to it trying to repair it .
It wasn't that difficult at all and went surprisingly easy , just got to go slowly and keep everything as clean is possible . Here we go ...
Injector has to be pulled apart. The top part should be in the vice and injector body can be undone with a bit of force and a small pipe used as an extension .
Make sure fuel returns are not damaged .
This is just a close up of separating the injector .
And this is the injector in pieces . Take care and pictures of the order and positioning of each component .
Remove the two pins that hold the needle coil terminals plastic cover using a pointy puncture tool . Place the injector in a vice in an angled position so the fuel return hose nipples are not damaged .
This is how pins should come out...
Once the pins are removed the terminals cover just comes of with no effort at all ...maybe just a gentle pray to separate it from the injector .
Unsolder the two wires (very important) and try to leave just a smooth solder surface on the terminals . The plastic part where the terminals sit can be removed gently to make it easier to pull the coil out .
There will be a washer that maybe sticks to the coil inside and remove it (unless already fallen off).
Use a screw and gently try to screw it in the hole that holds the coil by hand first than with a philips screwdriver gently a little bit more untill it grips . Watch the coil terminals and if they start to move than stop.
With the help of a side cutter gently pray out the screw and coil should slide out . Make sure the size of the screw is not to big . Has to be just enough to grab otherwise coil can be damaged .
And this is the needle sensor coil removed .
Managed to find the break in the coil wiring after just 8 turns removed and decided that shouldn't be an issue if I just use the good end and resolder it.
Had to use an Aspirin tablet to remove the clear laquer from the wire to be able to solder it back.... it is so fragile , breaks very easy .
I think I should have just rewire the thing with new copper ....Maybe due to heat the existing copper wire looses from its elasticity and breaks much easily....time will tell .
It has 98 ohms reading when measured and that is pretty good in my books .
Pretty much that is all . Take care when putting it back all together . Just take your time .
And this is the pulse out of the needle sensor coil viewed on an osciloscope .
It wasn't to hard after all ...and thanks also for the other members that have
help with suggestions ...
The following link shows the same testing with an android phone or tablet .
Download Android application from :
Doesn't seem to be available on Google Play anymore .

layback40 09-01-2019 06:35 AM

Its great to learn something new!
I was lead to believe that the coil had to come out the top. How wrong was that!
I have a crook one here & some time I may try & fix it.
Thanks greatly for your detailed post.

mud_slut 14-01-2019 04:57 PM

this has been shared to the vm au fb page :)

croitoru 14-01-2019 06:01 PM

Great post Amlav!
Should be sticky and should be on VM original manufacturer' FB page and group!

amlav 14-01-2019 09:52 PM

added the link for the Android application .
Here it is :

CJ6np435 15-01-2019 05:29 PM

Well done, how does the aspirin remove the lacquer?

amlav 15-01-2019 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by CJ6np435 (Post 1644781)
Well done, how does the aspirin remove the lacquer?

Don't know exactly how but is an old trick and it works . Hold the wire on top of the aspirin and put the soldering iron tip on the wire and check a few times if the solder from the tip gets on the wire .

croitoru 20-01-2019 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by CJ6np435 (Post 1644781)
Well done, how does the aspirin remove the lacquer?

..I guess with soldiering iron applied to , aspirin tablet underneath, laquered wire in the middle, solder iron tip on top...? Old school.

croitoru 20-01-2019 02:59 PM

My #1 definitely all over the place.

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