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Wallis 30-10-2017 03:34 PM

JK Newbie - looking for guidance

New member, and new to posting on forums.

I've just purchased a 2016 2 door JK Wrangler Overland. Loving it. And have lots of questions, so I want to make sure I follow posting etiquette, please feel free to advise.

Planning to do weekend beach/surf trips, and looking for some recommendations. I live in Northern Beaches Sydney. Also, could use some guidance on modest modifications. Namely, Rhino Rack Backbone system, tires and front bumper/bull bar. Please let me know what's worked for you, and any shops/retailers you would refer.

Heading to Crescent Head for a few weeks of beach driving/camping, do I really need a bull bar with recovery points, or upgraded tires? Any local clubs/4x4 training to recommend?
Apologies if too many questions for a newbie!

ARB87U 30-10-2017 04:43 PM

you should have rated recovery points front and rear, some max trax or similar is always a good idea on sand. You should also carry at minimum a snatch strap and a couple of D shackles. When you are coming to a stop, roll, don't brake. Try to stay in the tracks of others, closer to the water is usually much firmer.

Factory tires will be more than fine, just make sure you drop the air pressure to about 16 - 18 psi.

Sydney Jeep Club is a good little club to join, but as a member i am sort of biased ;)

I buy most of my new stuff from SBR Offroad. They have great prices, support and service (they also sponsor AJOR, but that is just a bonus). As for what, it is all about personal preference,

OzRick25 30-10-2017 04:56 PM

I have the backbone on a jku like everything except the price. Install was fairly simple enough.

Have arb front bar used fwd recovery point once in mud. I dont think a bar is necsessary for sand work have never seen a vehicle being forward recovered off a beach or dune they almost always get stuck going up the hill. I would go with a bar thats adr compliant, my preference would be hoopless and without the indicators.

The silent armour all terrains are quite a good tyre imo you only should change if they are worn out or your doing serious mud work. They have worked fine for me in sand. Some adjustable tyre pressure deflaters and a solid air compressor is the best thing for beach work. I usually start at 24psi on sand and drop down if still getting stuck.

Also things get hot on the beach, a obdii port reader and temp guage app would be a good option. Also resting the vehicle regularly is a good thing to get in the habit of particularly if you have an auto.

Courses are a very good option. I had been bought up 4wding and farming and already had a good understanding but my work sent me on the drive and recover a 4wd with get about driver training in Newcastle and paid for it. It was good, taught me a few things and was a fun day, definitely recommend it if you haven't done much or aren't from a practical work field.

Snort 30-10-2017 06:29 PM

TYRES here tires there........

Nanook 31-10-2017 07:47 AM

Crescent Head isn't that soft so your chances of bogging is fairly slim. The beauty about a 2 door is that it is pretty light and perfect for sand.

Try and stay above the high tide mark though when driving and stay away from the water. If you do get stuck then you could be in a world of hurt with the water lapping at your wheels. It looks cool driving with water splashing over the vehicle but salt water is a killer.

Above the high tide mark keep in the tracks of others as the sand is already compressed.

Remember that your engine will be working hard and will chew through fuel so it's best to have a pretty full tank before getting on the sand.

If you are going to stay in 4WD High, turn off traction control as it saps power when you need it the most if your wheels start spinning in softer sand.

The standard tyres you have a actually very good on sand so don't bother changing them if you don't have to. Just lower them to 16psi and you will be right.

Must haves:
Recovery tracks - These will get you out of 99% of situations. Even the cheap $90 ebay ones work so invest in a pair.

Shovel - They are cheap and saves a lot of back aches.

Snatch Strap and Shackles - There is nothing worse than helping to recover a bogged vehicle when they don't have any of their own gear.

A good compressor - The 4WD Super Centre Thumper does a good job for $120.

Nice to have:
Air jack - These aren't popular as they used to be but they will lift a vehicle out of the sand quicker than digging. They are a good back up if the recovery tracks don't work. Use it to lift the Jeep so you can fill in the holes and then lower it back down.

Apart from that, have fun, I run mine on the sand 90% of it's off road time and absolutely love it.

Wallis 01-11-2017 11:47 AM

Thanks everyone.

I can't seem to find a clear answer about front recovery points. I've had a look through the forums and online but am still unsure what to do. Is it safe to assume the existing factory ring on the bottom right is not suitable as a recovery point?

If not, am I required to upgrade to a TJM or ARB bull bar? The ARB guys couldn't guarantee that the bar has rated recovery points. Or can I have points installed directly onto the front frame?

I have a factory installed tow bar for the back and will pick up a d-ring tow accessory, as I'm told this is suitable for the back.

Much appreciated,

ARB87U 01-11-2017 12:12 PM

if you are in sydney, grab these

If not find the same but closer to you, $50 is a bargain

ARB87U 01-11-2017 12:13 PM

hurry up or i might buy them just cause they are cheap LOL

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