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Oops - forgot the text

The series of images show how I installed and Anderson plug on a MY2015 Laredo. I used a full kit from Kick Ass together with a 1 m extension. All the joints and termination (except for the pickup have pre-clamped Anderson plugs.

1. The positive is picked up from the + jump start terminal under the bonnet at the right hand side rear and this feeds to an inline fuse and on the first Anderson plug. All the cabling has been cover with loom tube from JayCar and all cabling has ben secured with cable ties.

2, The negative is picked up from the - jump start terminal, There is just enough space in the opening surrounding the cable bundle to feed the single cable. The negative feeds back into the first Anderson plug, bypassing the fuse.

The cable then passes across to the left of the vehicle behind the bulkhead separating the engine form the wiper mechanism. Cable ties are important to keep the power cable away from the wiper mechanism.

3. On the left hand side in the rear corner behind the bulkhead the VSR was mounted on the bulkhead with two bolts. The cable crossing from the right was then plugged into the VSR input Anderson plug. The supplied long cable to the rear (has Anderson conductors connect to one end but without the plastic Anderson plug fitting while the other end has the full plug) was then fed down through a hole in the large rubber plug in the bottom of the compartment under the VSR (hard to see once installed but not too hard top do). A piece of loom tube was placed above the rubber plug. The long cable was then fed down between the wheel arch and the lining and then a long piece of loom tube place over the entire long cable.

4. The cable was the picked up at the bottom of the wheel arch and fastened with cable ties and fed back in the space under the door sill.

5. A bit hard to see in the photo but the cable goes to the rear in the space and behind the supports so it is held securely.

6. At the rear it is fed up just in front of the rear wheel arch.

7. Then up alongside the fuel tank.

8. The over the top of the fuel tank and over the diff.

9. It the is goes straight back along the underneath of the floor.

10. A bracket was made up from a piece of flat aluminium (Bunnings) and this was fastened to the bumper mount. The conductor ends where then fitted to the shell on the final Anderson plug and the plug attached to the bracket.

11. All done

This approach is fast, fairly neat and does not require removing panels or installing more connectors to the already cramped battery space. Despite the several Anderson plugs there is very little power loss and it runs my caravan fridge (15A) without any problems - I would think it would carry a much greater current if required. All cable terminations have been done for you so no problems with buying/borrowing crimping devices.