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I run my 50l fridge off my Optima starter battery. The longest I've left it running was around 6-7 hours with no worries.

I have run it longer than that but I'll use a solar panel to top it up. The only time I leave my fridge on for that long is either I'm on the beach or driving.

At camp I run the fridge from a 130Ah deep cycle battery in my camper trailer. On that battery I've easily run it continuously for 6 days without charge.

I wouldn't be surprised if you could get 12 hours out of it and still start the vehicle but I wouldn't risk it without some kind of back up plan.

Maybe one weekend try it in your driveway so you can jump start it if need be. However, I wouldn't make a habit of running down your battery too low as it will effect it in the long run.