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Spent a good amount of time last night sorting my indicators

Obviously being all led the standard flasher doesnt work, at all.

Picked up an led flasher can and set about wiring it in.

Easy, right?


Standard can has 5 pins
Earth, battery power for hazzard, hazzard output, ignition power for indicators and indicator out.

Easy to wire in. What caught me out was that the led flasher can i have still required a small load (more than just the leds) like the instrument pilot light for example.

Mine are led, so very very little "load" and not enough for the can to flash.

The next STUPID thing is that mine has a relay that operates purely to have a separate dash warning light for the hazzards.
Because 2 flashing green arrows wouldnt indicate hazzards are on... morons.

So the relay is wired in a way that puts the relay load onto the left indicator only.

This is where i got confused as it left me with no right indicator

Left indicator and hazzards worked perfectly.

So i added 2 realys up the back for the trailer plug, effectively putting a "load" on the led flasher can.

All work perfectly now.

Thanks jeep design team...