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Hi guys,

I'm a newbie to both Jeep ownership and the forum, so since I have L plates on, I apologise in advance for my elementary question!

Just acquired a nice low km 2013 Laredo diesel for towing my van (previously hauled with a Territory). Have had a new towbar and socket for lights etc. just fitted, but I also need Anderson plugs for the ESC and fridge and thinking I might do this myself although I intend getting the brake controller professionally installed.

My question is about the battery location. I know it's under the front pax seat but when I lift the cover all I see is a weird black plastic molding with a couple of visible multi pin connectors, nothing that looks like a battery. Before I attempt to delve under the plastic thing, can someone please tell me how the battery and its terminals should be accessed?

I'll probably just use the remote under-bonnet terminals to connect the Andersons, but the battery situation has me intrigued, and one day it's bound to need changing or accessing for some other reason.
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