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Originally Posted by EugeJK View Post
No battery temp sensor on CDR. There is one inside the TIPM (I call it ECU). But Chrysler software is dodgy and commands the alternator (via LIN bus) to go over 15.0V on hot days (noted 15.8V on mine). That's exactly what shortens the life of D31A to ridicules max 3 years. When I unplugged it from the ECU, it went to default 14.3 that's exactly midpoint of D31A charging range 13.6 to 15.0.
Got 7+ years use out of original US manufactured Optima on my 2007 built (2009 registered) CRD (stood 2 years in Chrysler's car park before it was sold)
It doesn't get too hot over here in UK
Guess that makes the difference.
Replaced it with another of Mexico manufacture (hope it lasts as long)