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Default Majors!

Full engine service - oil/filter/plugs/air filter/leads/cap/rotor...pulled out the radiator, sealed up a water pump leak, flushed radiator, news radiator cap and coolant...

New upper and lower ball joints (don't ask me why I only had three on the shelf! I had to order one!), replaced both lower control arms, front rotors and pads, new rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders..

Serviced the auto trans, topped up the diffs, greased all round.

Wired up a float camera so I can watch the neddies while we are rocketing down the highway lol!

BTW that took three days but we had to wait for some parts Old girl is good to go for another 365 000kms!

Feeling slightly smug about my old chooks fuel consumption though - if I keep my foot out of the loud pedal I can get 500-550kms out of a tank of 75L - but she is on fumes when we pull into the servo

Of course when I am towing the float you can neatly halve that hehehe!! Kinda funny on the highway when you are streaking past new Cruisers and Pajeros towing caravans with a fully loaded float in a 22 year old Jeep Jeep, she barely feels the float!

XJ all the way
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