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Default Gas in a crd engine.

Originally Posted by cnd_eh View Post
Well my CRD got a tank full of contaminated diesel this morning. The filling station accepted a gasoline delivery late last night and it was pumped into their diesel storage tank. Lucky me I was the first customer of the day for diesel. I made it about 3 miles from the gas station before the Jeep started to belt out white smoke like it was on fire. The fuel filter was eaten away by the gasoline and it started leaking everywhere. The tail pipe if full of white soot.

What steps to I stake to purge the system. What damage should I be looking for? What parts should I order up to be replaced?
Unfortunately as stated modern diesels that are miss fuelled usually lead to expensive engine repairs.
If you want to try and restore it yourself remove and completely drain the fuel tank of the offending fuel, blow all the lines clear of the contaminant fuel, replace the fuel filter . restore the tanks and lines and filter and get fresh clean diesel primed into the low pressure filter.
Remove the injector pipes and the common rail pipes drain all the bad fuel and blow out with compressed air all the lines.

Before restoring the lines and the common rail, crank the engine on the starter to pump in as much clean diesel around the high pressure system as possible. once you have fresh clean diesel coming from the fuel delivery pipe to the common rail, refit the pipes to all the injectors and rail and try to start it.

Even if it does run well once it starts on clean diesel you may not be out of the woods, because as another poster stated the HP pump and other CRD fuel delivery parts rely on the 'oily diesel' as a lubricant of internal metal parts and the relatively 'dry' gasoline can lead to undetected internal abrasion of these parts, which may not fail immediately but may wear out prematurely.

Also gasoline will due to its low octane and very high engine compression very likely to have detonated in a diesel engine cylinders which can in extreme cases cause piston ring and/or piston ring land damage, damaged pistons and engine bearings.
Only time will tell if more extensive damage has been done.