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Default Melted Fuel Lines - Need Replacement.

Thanks for the advice. I dropped the tank, blew out the lines and disconnected the common rail and all seems good.

I found the real cause of all the white smoke though. The T-fitting in the fuel system next to the filter had a small hole in it. I had never noticed it before as I never smelt or seen diesel on the ground. With the petrol running though it and leaking it caught the plastic fuel retainers on fire and melted them. I can see flame damage all around the protective heat padding and all of the fuel retainers are pretty much melted.

I was able to get the jeep running using the melted connections but its by no means is it safe, I just wanted to see if the jeep would run. Now I have to replace all the fuel lines. I am thinking of going with AN6 fittings and making my own braided lines, any objections to that idea?

When I dropped the tank I noted two of the top return/breather lines were cracked and not connected at all. There was a stick up there and it looks like the stick wedged up there and broke them. I have no idea how long its been that way. Any ideas on how to replace that top white cap?

I also need to replace the sensor pig tail under the fuel filter, it got melted as well but I forgot to take a pic of it. Any idea what that part number is?

Thanks again,
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