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Sorry, but I need to vent....
Yesterday I experienced the WORST customer service at a shop in town, I don’t want to mention the name of the store because I’m not in the habit of publicly rubbishing people or businesses. (Even if they DO deserve it)
Two days ago I bought something from this store. I paid cash for it. I took it home and found out it didn’t work. So yesterday, less than 24hrs later I took it back to the store and asked if I could get a refund. The girl in the store told me
“NO”, even though I still had the receipt. I asked if I could get a FREE replacement instead.
Again she said “NO”. I asked to speak to the manager now as I was really not happy and I explained that I had just bought the item, got it home and it didn’t work. The manager just smiled and told me to my face that I was “out of luck”. No refund. No free replacement. Grrrrrr.........
I’ll tell you what........ I am NEVER buying another SCRATCH LOTTERY TICKET from there again........
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