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Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten put their heads together and decided to go bush and drum up some votes....Malcolm says to Bill " what will we need ?"... Bill says " an Akubra hat, riding boots a pair of half worn out jeans and a Blue Healer dog.... So they go out to an outback town and are sitting in the pub with the dog laying at their feet having a beer when a truckie walks in and goes straight to the dog and lifts it's tail up then goes to the bar and orders a bloke comes in is a drover with his whip over his shoulder and his spurs jangling and he goes over to the dog lifts up his tail...grunts and goes and orders his beer.... then a grader driver comes in goes straight over to the dog and also lifts up its tail then shakes his head and goes and orders a beer....
Malcolm says to Bill " what the bloody hell is going on here with all these blokes going straight to the dog and lifting it's tail "
Bill says " apparently there's a rumour going around town there's a Blue healer dog down at the pub with two arseholes !!!"
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