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A man goes to confession.

Man: Father, I have sinned. When you hear what Iíve done, youíll throw me out of the church.
Priest: oh come now, Iím sure itís not that bad.
Man: Oh, it is father, youíll throw me out of the church.
Priest: tell me what youíve done, my son.
Man: itís terrible father. The other day my wife was bending over getting something out of the fridge. Her skirt had risen up and exposed part of her thigh. I got the urge, there was nothing I could do. I crept up behind her and had my way with her there and then. Iím sorry father and I can understand you throwing me out of the church.
Priest: my boy, you have done nothing wrong. She is your wife. What you have done is natural. Why on earth would you think that I would throw you out of the church?
Man: Well they threw me out of The supermarket.
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