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Default Common problems

Hello All,

I'm an ex WJ 2.7 diesel owner considering a diesel WK2. The Grand Cherokee is still the best looking 4x4 on the road and one of the best off road in standard form, plus the price is good. I have to say though, I'm put off by all the Jeep horror stories. As I said, I'm an ex Grand owner and my son has had a 2006 diesel Cherokee for the past 6 years for a few relatively minor annoying issues, so we are use to Jeeps. My Grand had a front ARB air locker and a rear Track Lok lsd so saw plenty of off road action. I got rid of it because it got black death twice on the same cylinder way up under the firewall. They stripped the thread removing the injector and I couldn't take it any more.
Anyway, the current horror stories surrounding Jeeps in general have put me off Jeeping again. My mechanic would disown me, yet here I am enquiring again. What can I expect? I'm looking at finding a second hand diesel with quadra lift.