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between Jeep Fight Club and now i have pressure washed it, aired up, reconnected, fixed the broken battery cables causing a flat battery, removed the transfer case bash plate for rebending (it was grounded against the transfer case - howd that happen? ), examined the rather large dent in my rocker sill under the driver door (howd i do that? ), examined the rather large missing chunk out of my right rear wheel (howd i do that? ), examined the 1/2" of caked mud on the driver floormat (i KNOW how i did that!), threatened to clean it up more than a few times but drank beer instead, cleaned the water out of my distributor cap (ok, mud), pressure washed it again and then drove the tj while its been drying out all week...will get around to washing it next month (or the month after)....actually it should be summer before i wash it
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