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Originally Posted by Scorechild View Post
Can anyone elaborate on steering box bolt specifics for XJ TD please?

I bought replacement bolts from C-ROK - but they're too short to make it through my frame & reinforcement plates (C-ROK's own). I realise TD wasn't a US spec vehicle, but you wouldn't expect bolt length to change.

Don't have mine to hand to measure unfortunately - but seem to need to be longer than 3.5" / 4"..... ?
I doubt they would be different to the petrol XJ, which are 3.75" long + 0.25" tip

therefore, if any plates are fitted that add additional width, a longer bolt would be needed.

I would measure & compare everything

You could email C-Rok and ask what is the go...they may have just sent you the wrong bolts

or order the 4.5" bolts from the source above I quoted (or obtain locally)
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