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Finally got all the parts and installed a Rancho Sport 2Ē lift with the adjustable RS9000 shocks on my 2014 JKUS. I also got a set of Teraflex Sport front lower control arms and rear track bar bracket to correct caster and roll centre.

Overall, no issues with the installation other than the usual having to cut the inner fender to get to the passenger side top shock nut. Getting the bolts lined up for the new control arms took a bit of muscle, but nothing a good pry bar didnít fix!

I gained about an inch (25mm) all around compared to the previous Teraflex spacer levelling kit (so about 3Ē up front and 2Ē in back over stock), and itís perfectly level at 505mm at the pinch seam corners.

Initial impression is WOW!!! The Jeep rides soooo much better than before. Smooth, controlled, no more brake dive or wallowing around corners. The added caster from the longer control arms is noticeable, and the steering wheel centres much quicker. On the highway itís much more stable and only needs one finger on the wheel. This demonstrates to me how much even a small lift (e.g. levelling spacer lift) impacts on the Jeeps geometry without some sort of correction, such as caster and/or rear track bar.

Side note, I also found the culprit of my slight front wheel shimmy. Turns out the shop that installed my new wheels and tyres didnít remove the retainer clips front the discs. Sorted now.


Before with Teraflex levelling kit:

Rancho 2Ē Sport lift installed:

Rear shocks and Teraflex track bar bracket:

Front shocks and Teraflex Sport control arms:

Iím happy!!!!
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