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Smile 7 days later...

Bored on a Sunday arvo, on my own, I was wheeling through the right place, right time again

Anglesea, Otways, on my way through to Paddys.

Great group of blokes. Well mannered, cruisey. So I thought to stay and watch for a bit, have a chat and some laughs. Patrol Ute. Landcruiser Ute, Hilux Ute winching, and Cruiser stuck.

Red Hilux, anchored to tree, was winching the Cruiser out frontwards, it was a hard pull, but a bolt holding the front bar on sheared, or mount broke or something. Stopped it straight away.

They asked what my winch was like (12,000lbs Monster winch, so not brilliant), but I offered to snatch him out backwards from the other side. Deal.

They only had a tow strap handy, I said I had no chance at pulling it out slow tow style, I'd just spin and spin and spin. Need a snatch. They didn't have one, so I offered mine. Deal.

I asked "Not on the tow ball please..." They knew that was bad news, and hooked up to a good recovery point.

I took it easy at first, working up to faster run ups. Took some dislodging, then getting it up the rearward boghole embankment took a bit too. About 8 tugs, 2 minutes or so. He was out.

This pic shows doggie sticking head out the window, feeling a bit sick. I couldn't take her out for the pulls, too muddy, don't want mud everywhere in the WG when she got back in. Poor dog got thrown around a bit

The Cruuser driver (Kalvin/Calvin) was very thankful, and offered to wash my strap and bring it to my house. Not needed, I can clean it. He appreciated the token.

While taking the pics he says ,"Pretty proud of pulling out a cruiser hey?". I said "Haha, I wouldn't have made that either mate, you could have been pulling me out."

Next weekend, another pull for three in a row?
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