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I was there in Aug 2012, the road in from the hwy is easy for a 4wd, if there was no risk of water crossings then I am sure cars would be in there. Its a little rough, prob average dirt road condition really, mild corrugations. It was twisty though, lots of blind corners and meant that sometimes you had to drive real slow. When we were there I counted 29 creek crossings, some were tiny little streams, and some were bigger, but nothing massive, deepest was about axle height and maybe 20m wide. Just air down at the start to smooth out the corrugations and enjoy the drive.

We were driving a hired Patrol that was stock and left it in 2wd, didn't even air down (I wanted to but the other 3 guys with me said she'll be right), and it was still fine.

Once in the park, the roads around the Bungle Bungles are much better cond.
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