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Default Unusual issue with WA580 box - P0741

Drove from Adelaide to Fraser to meet the family in Sunny coast last month for a 2 week holiday. Fun times with the Jeep and Family.

So just out of Tamworth going up and down the hills I notice my revs are definitely not matching my speed with the trans slipping from 80 kays and I get an error popping up on Engine Link advising me of the PID P0741 and I can see my Trans temps shooting up to 115 degrees. So I pull over to investigate.

Check the box and see there are some weeping around the return line of the cooler.
First thought is check the fluid, no dipstick so I make one out of zip ties and there is plenty of fluid and its clean and not burnt.
Car is still running to bring the temps down and I consider my options.

30 kay out of Gunnedah so if I can limp it I will otherwise I will get a flatbed from insurance.

Drive along the verge and can manage around 40-50klm's without too much slip so off I go. When I arrive I choose the local diesel service shop and he runs the scan gauge on it and gets around 30 codes coming back including the P0741. He also checks the fluids and says no problems.
There is one that stands out which is a Low Voltage so we check the battery and the optima is dead. Replaced it and cleared the codes, go for a drive and low and behold the code is gone. Actually all of them except for a Steering Angle sensor which I think was from when I replaced the steering box and I have a slight 2-3 degrees off center steering which throws the ABS light and no cruise.

So off I drive to Sunny coast, pick up the fam and drive back to Adelaide 2 weeks later. Problem solved.

Last weekend went to the Murray Mouth on Goolwa Beach had lunch and a bit of fishing with the kids then drove back home except when I get onto the freeway I am getting the same problem I had on the way up to Fraser and bang there is the code again.

So I get home and go over everything again. As well I decide to disconnect the throttle booster which I have been using for the last year. Take it in to get looked at and watch the temps and all good. They drive it and use the scanner to measure slippage and all good. Checked the fluid and again all good. He clears the codes I drive to work and then up the Adelaide hills and all good. No codes as of right now and stuffed if I can tell wtf is going on.

Yes the throttle booster is off but running it for a year and also the time in between codes I was driving from Rainbow Beach/Noose/Inskip so lots of sand driving.

Anyone else had the same code and not had to get the box replaced?
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