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Default JK: Budget CRD build

Budget JK build for anyone who wants to follow. Building mostly for touring, but want it capable enough to have some fun on the weekends. Trying my best to keep costs down on this, only spending money if I have too.

I'm putting some 4.56's in this weekend, along with some Synergy front sleeves. I have killed the D30 r&p, hopefully with a bit more mechanical sympathy I can avoid break it again. Also need to extend the swaybar links to suit the lift, and make them quick disconnect.

Future plans are 35's with some new rims, will make some tube flares to cover. Make a rearbar/rear winch setup. Some roof racks to mount to the canopy for carrying long stuff like gazebos. Have a bunch of 4" stainless pipe and bends, will make a snorkel for it if I get motivated. Locking hubs or a drive flange for the front. And eventually a D44 for the front when I break the D30 again, and convince myself its in the budget

EVO MFG 1/4 front bar, with a Runva 11XP winch

Lovells 50mm springs, some cheap extended shocks. Shocks could be 50-60mm longer all around, something to do if these ones die.

Dual battery with redarc solenoid. Extra lighter sockets and usb sockets added.

2.5" exhaust, stock pipe with the rear muffler removed, 15" hotdog. Cut the inlet and outlet off the muffler and made a dump pipe using the flanges from the original dump pipe.

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