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Gears are sorted after a lot of stuffing around. Front end went together really quick with the Trutrack. The back took some time, had issues getting the pinion out of the housing, had a 10 ton press but it couldn't quite do it. Ended up using a 40 ton press. Then once that was sorted we went to put everything back together and the left wheel bearing was shagged. Towed it home so I wasn't taking up space in my mates workshop, and got it fixed it this weekend.

Extended the front sway bar links 60mm with some bunnings spec tube.

Took it for a drive yesterday. New gearing is great on road, first gear gets the revs up and on boost a lot quicker. 5th gear is sitting on 2000rpm a 100kph, doesn't have to drop back a gear on hills now. Didn't notice a huge improvement offroad, the auto was pretty good for controlling wheel speed stock. Auto temps will probably be better off for it though.
The trutrack worked well, kept both front wheels driving most of the time. It has some push on tight corners under power, but seems easy enough to steer with. Need some more testing with it.
Also need to do something with the front sway bar, with the bottom of the links free and strapped up the tire is hitting it on compression and full lock. Maybe make some removable pins for the top and remove the link entirely off road.

Also picked up a poison spyder bonnet vent. Painted on some black hammer tone to hide the defects in it. The tooling used is in pretty poor condition, so you need to do a fair bit of prep work on it for painting.