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Hello All,

Happy to report, Rick and Tom (Quad) has just sent me a full set of TJ sliders.

Long story short I have a complete set of TJ Ace rock sliders. \o/

Passenger side - with my "spares"

Drivers side (the problem child)!!!!! Success!

I've not opened up the other box, but I assume its a left hand side slider.

I have 2 spare tj left hand side sliders, so I hit a rock, hopefully it is on that side.

I consider the case resolved. While a frustrating ordeal for all involved, the up side is, I got to see Quad's true colours and I was not disappointed. All things been equal (and to be honest even if Quad is a touch more expensive, which they've been the best priced todate), ill be continuing to purchase via them.

I received 7 sliders across 5 shipments. I didn't pay a cent or have to argue at all with quad to have them resolve this. These sliders are not light, I can confirm the shipping is not cheap.

Again, yes it shouldn't have happened, but I think all can see that Quad do put the customer first.

Thanks all.