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Originally Posted by Clarky View Post
You probably already aware but there are 2 different left hand axles, one for QDII and one for QTII (QTII is a little longer from memory).
Hey Mate yes, ordered the LSD variant for that side. Unless repco sent me the wrong one.

Because even 2nd hand genuine ones are around $800 a set, should this next set be unsuitable, I'll definitely be saving up for the $2000 set. May as well do it once

Additionally if I'm in the same predicament, does anyone know how to force the transfer case into RWD? People in the states do it for Dyno runs. Prior to replacing the shafts, I had no power going to the rear wheels at all unless I was in low range, even with a little bit of acceleration. If I can do this somehow i wont have to accelerate like a 3cyl charade everywhere until I have them.

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