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Default REVIEW: WJ Rough Country 4" lift from

Well my new 4" Rough Country lift turned up in Australia. Grabbed the 4" Extreme kit from in the USA. Dealing with the owner of the shop, Eric was a breeze via email. Even following up with tracking of the items was great getting onto their website and being able to talk to someone live providing I got the time differance right.

Its a pretty complete kit. Everything you need including coils, shocks, adjustable front lowers, swaybar disconnects, bumpstop extension, rear shock relocation brackets, A-frame spacer, tranny spacers and various other bits. Also got included in the purchase a new steering stabaliser.

All up working on my own had it all installed in about 9 hours. Looking at my hands now, I have busted two knuckles and have various cuts but alas its all in.

The front was as I would expect from a 4" lift. Starting off with removing the lower control arms and fitting the new ones, remove and replace shocks then onto the coils. With the new 4" coils, I was able to get one side in ok, but the other side ended up having to use spring compressors.

The disconnects are a two piece unit. The 90 deg knuckle on the top threads onto the actual link. I think the thread was a bit sketchy as they didnt wind on very well but will a little encouragement they went on. Also included is a bracket to allow you to hook the swaybar up and out of the way when wheeling.

The kit came with an adjustable track bar, but its for the US left hand drive. I have just kept the OEM track bar in for the moment until I can remanufacture the adjustable one. Its only out by approx 10mm so not a big issue. The front coil rates seem to be really nice, I like a soft coil and these are that.

Moving onto the rear, well it was a bit of a headache. Removing the A-frame from the diff is hard, especially when I didnt have a 21mm ring spanner and only a adjustable shifter. I ended up getting out from under the Jeep and heading to Supercheap to buy a ring as its pretty tight under there with the handbrake cable and the brake lines to hinder movement. Once out was then easy to install the spacer with crush tubes. Only thing to note is the replacement bolts are 22mm, should have got a 2nd spanner also.

The shocks comt with a spacer crush tube for the top, and a U shaped bracket for the bottom which allows the shocks to move inboard more to give you room for wider rubber. Getting the rears coils in even with the extended bump stops wasnt much of a headache, just needed pressure on the disk brake to push the diff right down and in they went.

I have not installed the tranny drop spacers yet, as I have taken it for a drive on the road and theres no vibes at this stage so may leave them out, wait and see.

Still trying to decide if I am going to go 265/75 16 or 285/75 16 Mickey MTZ's. By all measurements the 285 is a 32.8" and the 265 is a 31.6

Not much differance really, but even with the stock 245/70 16's on there looks like it might be tight when flexed. Will probably end up with the larger ones providing the width is ok and they dont stick out from the guards.

Once I get the rubber on will get out on some tracks and get some flex shots also and let ya all know how it rides.

Thanks again to Eric from for all your help mate!

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