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Hey, Iím surprised more people havenít taken up this offer of help!
Iím currently teaching myself to weld and half way through making myself up some rock sliders.

I'm using:
Cigweld Weldskill 170 inverter
2.5mm E4112 electrodes
Electrode positive
40x40x4mm SHS
50x50x3mm SHS
43mm OD 2.9mm wall Tube

Iím welding at around 60amps, which from what i understand is quite a low current for the job?
Despite the low current, I think my welds are showing signs of being too hot?
Slag is hard to remove from the edges and some are abit sunken.
Iíve let it cool abit between welds.
Should I go lower than 60 amps?

And one of my complete stuff ups that I need to grind back.....
Iíve been having some problems welding the round tube. I'm having trouble holding the electrode steady as i rotate it around the tube.
This is the first thing i have done with any round tube so i think i might practice on some scrap pieces first.
Any general advice?

And one more that is ok as far as i can tell?

Any advice would be great.
(Rust is new, they were clean when welded, havenít had a chance to do any work for afew weeks)