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Originally Posted by murray View Post
positoin of electrode is important your drag angle should be betweem 20 -30 deg
i would use a 16 tc ==E7016 type rod reverse polarity = electrode +
i would also have used a 3.25 mm rod
at around 110 amps
keep a square arc so arc length of arc = diamter of core wire this will improve the weld finnish
also did you check the polarity settings on the electroded box?

Originally Posted by tigermuzza View Post
na meant you should be dragging it,
its hard to explain in writing
just say you wanted to do a standard fillet weld
going from left to right along the plate
your electrode should be pointed a about 30 degrees to the left dragging it to the right
and there are electrodes that ya can just rest on the job instead of trying to feed it in all the time
ferracraft and ya can also do it with 16tc's

Hope that makes sense
ok, think i need to learn some more of the welding terms...
Yep, have been "dragging" the electrode, leaning it in the direction of travel, abit more than 30 deg. about 45 deg, will try cutting it back to between 20 and 30.

On an other point, i have been using are Ferracraft electrodes. So does that mean i can just scrape the end along the surface the whole length of the weld?

Yep, have been aiming for a square arc, but it tends to vary longer or shorter a fair bit....

The electrodes say they can be used DCEP or DCEN.

Thanks for all the help guys.