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Default Freight Management Australia Q & A thread-How it all works!

Hi all. How is everyone I hope all is well. Have been absent for a little while on here (not intentionally) but only due to work load I have. But we are going from strength to strength and are always here to help service everyone especially the AJOR Jeep community.

We get many questions and queries throughout the day and I understand to some freight can be a daunting thing. So I thought I would start this thread in a hope to help answer any questions you may have about anything regarding freight, how we operate and how/why we do things the way we do. I will start of if I may with the most common question we get....

Question: Why don't you have a costing calculator on your website so that we can get instant prices?
Answer: We could most certainly do something like this but we don't for a few reasons. First let me explain how we operate and work out costs for freight.

Every quote enquiry we receive is looked at on an individual basis and by this we mean:
  • looking at the size and weight of freight that is being sent
  • pickup and delivery locations
  • type of freight being moved (fragile, pallet, small box etc)
Looking at each enquiry based on the information received not only enables us to provide the best service for moving this item, it also means our prices are the lowest available for your movement.

Yes there are others that offer an "online" calculator as such but this is possibly not giving you the best option for your freight. And the reason they offer this calculator is due in part to only being able to use one particular carrier (95% of Australian freight carriers do not want to look at providing services to consultants/brokers and especially non account holders).

Freight Management Australia has been fortunate to enough to secure corporate deals with Australia's best carriers due to the contacts we have and services we can provide in addition to what the carrier provides (making their job as well as the sender’s job easier). Due to this fact we can pick and choose the best service provider for our clients (and movements) which as many of you know, not only provide the fastest possible service but also the most competitive pricing around.

We now also offer a guarantee that if you receive a genuine quote in writing (or take a screen shot of the quote received) from anywhere else (for interstate or local parcel/freight movements) that we will not only match it but beat it by 10%.
(**Some conditions apply and may not be granted for some specialised movements or services we do not provide/or sourced specifically for your job. Does not apply to vehicle transport, and certain international transport movements).

In these instances all you need to do is get a quote from us, compare it to any other you may have and if this differs to what we offered send us a copy of the other quote and we will offer the discounted price there and then on the spot. Its that easy....

Question: We are not at home or cannot have goods collected from work. What are our options?
Answer: We have our own depot/offices in Keysborough VIC/Arndell Park NSW, pickup/drop off depots in Rocklea QLD, Biggera Waters QLD, Clovelly Park SA, Kewdale WA, Mitchell ACT as well as a network of agents/on forwarders in all capital cities and country areas throughout Australia (address to be provided). At any time we are more than happy to work with you to make this as easy as possible. All we need to know is your requirement and we will take care of the rest.

Question: If we have a question or issue with the order sent how do we contact you. Others that we have used only provide email addresses or state that all enquiries must be entered online with no way of actually speaking with someone.
Answer: Our head office is located at 4/52 Cambria Road Keysborough and our number and contact details are as mentioned below also displayed on our website for anyone to see. We are also listed in the white/yellow pages (print and online) and encourage anyone with a query or concern to contact us immediately.

Please feel free to call on 1300 FR8 MAN (1300378626) or email us from the details provided on our website There are many reasons why some do not provide a physical address or do not want to give out contact details/phone numbers.

Most commonly I have found is that they are 1 man operators working from a home office or bedroom while still working for someone else with this as a side job (believe me when I say this happens). I know of a few guys that work for transport companies as sales reps, set up businesses like this when a good account comes along and use it for extra income - 1 of a few big reasons why large freight companies dislike freight consultants/brokers and do not deal with them.

So if you have any questions at all please feel free to post up here and I will answer for you.

Thanks All!

Freight Management Australia
1300 FR8 MAN

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