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Default Welding and Fabriction advice 101

Originally Posted by Wooders View Post
Question for the learned:
I currently have a Unimig 210 which has seen a fair bit of work (think I'm on about my 10th 15kg spool). I am considering upgrading and the two main options I'm considering are:
1. Multifuntion Tig/Mig/arc like a unimig 350 (but I don't really like the controls on that specific model). Or.
2. Pony up a little more and get a mig pulse.

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The pulse function is primarily for very light guage material. In aluminium it's for less than 3mm. I don't like pulse if I can't control all parameters. Factory program are average at best. My next home mig will be the pulse uniden mig. I do a lot of 3mm aluminium.

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