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Originally Posted by samft View Post
care to post that research? not being a d*ckhead, I'm genuinely interested in why?

have you bought one?

another thing on the external cage style is i don't think they're great for roof top tents as they have the edge rail that stops the tent sitting flat
I do have a Gobi stealth, 2 years old not a squeak. By best roof rack I meant in the exo cage styles the Gobi is the best, but if I had the guts to drill into the hard top I wouldn't have gone with an exo. They cost a bomb, but I use it every weekend.

The build quality is excellent, two people can get on the rack while loading gear no problems and suits the JKs lines very nicely. Worth mentioning the ladder is a must have but it needs to be removed if you want to flip the rack backwards for hard top removal. You will also need the additional upper roof isolators at only $215 from DBOR, unless you don't mind the rack vibrating at 100 kays and over. Doesn't happen when loaded though, only empty. Front air deflector did nothing for me, so took i that off. The JK on Fast and Furious 7 had a Gobi stealth, so it must be good lol
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