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Originally Posted by Adrian D View Post
Do you guys have road salt in the winter?
The axle nuts on mine came out just fine with an air impact gun and we get a lot of salt on the roads in the winter.
I never imagine Australian cars could have problems with corrosion but the copper anti sieze is idea is good
I live in Queensland. It has been 34 degrees Celsius for most of today (~94 degrees Fahrenheit). We do not have a road-salt problem in these parts. I'm not sure about the southern states.

It's the beach/sea salt here that causes corrosion.

Thanks for the comment about the axle. I was a bit concerned, not about the nut, but getting the axle to release from the splines of the hub. It looks like it has not been apart for 14 years, but is sounds like it's not going to be an issue. I'll find out next weekend.