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The correct fluid should be MB part number A 001 989 21 03 10 Shell Mercedes-Benz ATF although the transmission is supposed to be sealed for life and not require fluid changes.

Defininitely not ATF+4 as TSB 21-014-07 states...

NOTE: This Service Bulletin DOES NOT apply to Sprinter transmissions, Crossfire
transmissions, MK/PM vehicles equipped with Continuously Variable
Transmission (CVT) and WG vehicles equipped with a diesel engine (sales
code ENF) and a W5J400 or NAG1 transmission (sales code DGJ).

ATF+4 - (Type 9602) is being used as factory fill for Chrysler Group automatic
transmissions. ATF+4 is recommended for all vehicles equipped with Chrysler
Group automatic transmissions EXCEPT FOR THOSE LISTED IN THE NOTE ABOVE.

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