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Old 23-01-2018
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Default The bug is back

yep...after approx 40,000k's of trouble free driving the dreaded 'Service throttle control ' bug is back again along with his old friend the 'low turbo boost'.

Im sure it was running like a pig for a couple of days leading up to the eventual limp mode. Something was amiss. Just didnt have its normal gusto.

It now sits at a jeep dealership where 'F TROOP' can weave their magic

Even tho it was never actually fixed last time it happened they are charging me for this round of works as its been more than twelve months or more since my last episode. And the same codes involved. I get where they are coming from but without any prior fix to the issue , its on them as far as Im concerned.

Apparently they are flushing something due to a build up of something...who knows with these people... I know its a scam but I just dont have the energy to waste arguing any more. They may surprise me and fix it

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