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Originally Posted by junglejuice View Post
Should be ok, the blue/purple ones are bloody annoying and obvious.
I am not making them anymore but the headlight loom upgrade that I was making fixed all the issues with the headlights and kept it legal, I am still running the stock 60/55's and the headlights are great, now, mine used to awfully yellow and dull so I thought I would pull the globes and fit larger ones, ie 130/90's and guess what? They already were!!!!
Yerr I was running 130s with a GoJeep loom, similar to JJs except no wires for spotties. Both mine blew a few weeks ago so I went back to the 55/60s and can not wait to stick the new 130s back in. I am just waiting for the new inserts to arrive, so I can do the job once not twice. I really miss my 90w lows. With them I vertualy never used high beam, hence why only the low beam blew.

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