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IMO I think twin batten fluros are the go. I have one so far and plan on getting another three eventually. I am getting another one this week from Bunnings. I had 5 double 10a power points installed and one double 15a installed. I need to save money so have run my fluro off an ext cord from the power near the PA door. I am going to run another off another ext cord to light up the other side of my shed. I eventually will get them hard wired but am short of cash as I need to save money for the house build in a couple of months. I am going to run the cable and screw the battens to the roof perlins and then when the electrician is coming to do my house I will get him to connect the lights and install the circuit in the sub board. Closest electrician to me is nearly an hour away so no point getting him out for a 1-2hrs job and pay $200 call out fee. BTW that's a nice looking slab. Mine is no where near as nice as yours. But I again needed to save on costs so had to do it myself with a cement mixer and help from friends. I reckon those flood lights would be good on the outside if they have a water proof version. I like the idea of a sensor light on the outside of the shed. The one I want will also have a way of switching it on manually so it can stay on for hours if need be.

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