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There are KJ Vm CRDs with around 250,000kms on them now. Early VM engines were found in the XJ (2.5l), then the KJ series used a more advanced version in them initially the 2.5L and then the 2.8L for the bulk of the model years. The last KJ (Cherokee) CRDs were produced in April 2007 and sold here as 2007 model year. THe KK series Cherokee also uses the VM 2.8 and this engine is most similiar to the JK CRD in the current models. The newer VM CRDs feature a different head design to the last of the KJs and the injectors are different.

You could probably find a very high kilometre XJ with the VM engine, try asking in the XJ forum and see what you get (but be aware that the XJ VM engine was an old push rod deisgn (I thnk) and the engine technology moved on heaps from them).

Best of all in my opinion, is that the VM engine is easily rebuilt; it has wet cyclinder liners that can be replaced and most modern engines can't even be rebored - the Mercedes CRD used in the Grand is a typical example - the Merc also uses one piece head assemblies that mean it can't be just fixed if you do a valve, you need the hold assembly if you want to fix it. A testament to VM is that Fiat/Chyrsler is going to be putting the VM V6 3.0L CRD in the new Grand CRD.

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