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Originally Posted by OzRick25 View Post
the 8.5s would have the tyre out of the stock flare by 61mm and the 9s 67mm

here is a link to a good comparison the stock fender clearance on the factory 17x7.5 with 255/75R17 I measured at 21mm. I don't use the scrub radius and suspension clearance functions
Thanks. That's a cool calculator that I'll have a play around with. It does have a flaw though. It's not factoring into account how the rim width changes section width. 1/2 inch wider rim is going to increase section width by 2/10 of an inch (approx 5mm) which adds to how far the tire sticks out. Only a small amount, I know, but if you were comparing rims two inches different in width, it adds up.

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