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Originally Posted by Rodgebone View Post
...... (dont worry Carves, your opinions are safe - everyone has one so always share) ........
... Best I tie an icecube to my typing finger and get started then ...

Nahhhhh ... I'll be fairly shush on this thread .... as you covered most of my gripes & concerns at the start.

Originally Posted by ozjeepster View Post
HIGH AMBIENT OR HOT SOAK TEMPERATURES 2000 - 2001 XJ its a software update that lowers the temp threshold used to determine when the engine fans are turned on , Cooling fans will cycle more often .

Service Bulletin 18-031-03 18-039-03
Can you use the techconnec thingy to find out whether that computer flash can be done on any OBDII 4.0l XJ here.

I mentioned it as only being suitable for the 2000/2001 in the other, general cooling thread last year, coz my local dealer reckoned it was year model specific .... but the dealers say a lot of things ....

Originally Posted by junglejuice View Post
Interestingly in the 94-96 parts manual (my model) it lists only 2 thermostats, an unrated unit and a 180* (severe use) unit. Another interesting thing is my '95 model had a radiator in it specified for a '94 model and I thought it was alloy/plastic when in fact when I removed it recently I found that it was actually copper/plastic and had been there at least 8yrs as that is how long I have owned it and only once did I have an issue of overheating!!!!!
Best you check for belly dancers & camels under the backseat jj - as that was the stock radiator for the hot climate, saudi/middle east market ... was also available as a heavyduty cooling option elsewhere .... If the dealer knew about it

Should be in your parts book too.
I hate watching simplicity and reliability being ruined by bureaucracy and technology.

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