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This is a known issue on the XJ. Mine is a 1995 limited, and I had the same thing occur about 3 years ago now. It was fixed by Chrysler under warranty.

There are many threads about it on this site, so do a quick search if you want more info. To summarise them, the chassis rail that the steering box is bolted to can flex (not properly engineered when they designed the right hand drive version), and over time this flexing softens the steel. High tensile bolts are not designed to flex so at some stage they snap in half. Have a look, it is impressive.

The dealers did a "check" when a recall was introduced a long time ago, but if your XJ passed the "check" it was never looked at again - but the problem becomes worse over time. So the warranty recall check had been done on my XJ, it passed, so they left the time bomb on the road until it finally failed.

ring your local dealer and explain the problem. You should have no issue having them repair it under the factory recall. They weld plates around the chassis and then re-assmble. An expensive job for them, free for you. they should have engineered it properly in the first place.
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