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the issue related to the pre-update, and a 98 is the update model. I have not heard of any issues after 96 as the cost for the repair would have been very high for Jeep too!

My bolts broke incrementally when backing out of the driveway I heard one go - a big bang. I then realised something was wrong, inspected it, and found the steering box wobbling back and forth with a few bolts still holding it. I then was showing a mate who got under the car as I moved the steering wheel back and forth - and that is when it let go.

Needless to say the resulting action of my mates sphincter chomped an enormous hole in his underpants. This was followed by hysterical laughter from me when we realised there were no injuries - just a shock.

And it remains one of the all time great fire side stories.
Los grandes de América!

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