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Old 29-12-2005
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Sorry to bring up an old thread... but i just read through the whole thing (my eyes are burning for some reason... im not quite sure why though)

I saw someone wrote about 3M Marine stuff.... My old man works for 3M and he brought some of this stuff home. Works great on the windows, but be very careful on the black canvas. It will leave white stains if you apply too much (my sister found out the hard way, the top of my jeep has white swirl marks on it). I probably would keep away from using it on the black canvas, amd just use it on the windows - works a treat.

Also, this person (sorry... i read your post a while ago and i cant remember which page ), spoke about microfibre cloths. These are great aswell. I keep one in my Jeep all the time.

If anyone in Perth is keen to try this stuff out - perhaps PM me and i will see what i can organise through my old man, since he can get it free through work. (i believe its called "demo products" )