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Default UPDATE: 10,000km and 2 rotations into it

ITs been a while since I updated this, but thought to provide some more info on how these tyres are going. Over 10,000km on them now (closer to 12k) and have recently done the second rotation to bring the new spare in.

Treads are wearing quite well considering the treatment they've had, the tyre installers commented on how evenly they are wearing and that there is an expected amount of 'feathering' occurring to every second lug - which is something to do with measuring the evenness of the wear on each side of the tyre and helps them find flat spots - they were running their hands over them with their eyes closed I thought I needed to put on some Barry White and leave the shed while this was happening.

Chips and nicks as expected for rocks, gravel, and everything in between. They have been bounced over 100km of the Finke Desert Race track, pushed through untouched bush, climbed 40% gradients, side bitten rock walls, speeds over 140kph and operated at pressures from 15-35psi.

I've not found a way to stop them from gripping as yet - they have bitten into every surface I can push them into. I tried to get bogged in a dry river bed and had to chain the Jeep to a tree to get it to dig down to the belly. After detaching the chain they just dug their way back out to the surface. Didn't even need to drop pressures.

The 4wdTV guys came to Alice a few weeks back and I was able to lead them out on a local track for a couple of hours. All vehicles but one were on the same tyres and everyone made it through every obstacle I could throw at them. That Iveco Daily thing is a weapon, and I'd love to have one in the stable.

The next big test will come in the next week - a s^&* ton of sand driving. We are going out in a big group to drive through Boggy Hole, Running Waters and out via Ernest Giles Road. Highway for 100km, sand and rock for 6-7 hours, dirt for 80km, then highway for 100km and home.

I still haven't figured out uploading video yet, but when I do you'll be the first to see them.