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Originally Posted by chris0375 View Post
Sounds very impressive. What mud tyres have you owned in the past to compare them to?
I've only had experience with a couple of mud tyres - KM2 and Hankook MT. I'm more an AT user previously - BFG KO, Cooper AT, GY Silent Armor but when buying these they were comparable in price to the AT offerings in the same size so I thought 'why not'.

Quieter than other MTs on the road (still a hum, but less), less lateral movement on steering (I'm guessing this is due to the stiffer sidewall on the LT, E rated STT Pro) less large scale chipping from crawling in the rocks (but this could be solely due to having a car with traction aids/diff lockers compared to open diffs in the past) and the compound is still quite soft to the touch after a full range of seasons/temps since March.

I had the wheel off today to test a stud pattern for fitting and happened to have a set of bathroom scales nearby - 41.5kg on Rubicon alloy plus tyre (compared to a 35" MT-MT2 on steel 16" 8 stud f250 rim at 46.5kg) - heavy..