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Default 20,000km and 3rd rotation

Time for an update on the STT Pro. I've had to do some real searching to find a decent example of the wear on these treads over the past 10,000km and its kind of noticeable to me, but not much when I look back on the older pictures.

The spare got its first rotation in last time (put on RR), and has now been moved to the front (FR) and shows very little wear and tear.

The rubber in the compound overall feels like it has hardened somewhat, but its done some serious km in very high heat, and every surface I can find - shale, rocks, sand, water, mud, bitumen, gravel.

They had a decent run in the sand and are formidable at lower pressures, looking at them at 10psi, they don't really bag out laterally, but the tread length is great for really soft sand dune and boggy terrain.

MUD - still performing as expected, haven't been able to stop them at any pressure really. They just keep spitting out mud and rocks the more they turn. The tread is getting a little worn in places so they don't throw out the mud as readily as they did when new. I have noticed I'm throwing rocks up onto the paintwork down each side, so there are a few more chips recently - I think this is because I don't have any side steps, just the rubicon rails, so more mud goes up the sides.

ROCK/GRAVEL/SAND - excellent on all different pressures, the side biters have had a workout on a couple of occasions, and they perform well when the going gets tough. Minimal cutting to the outer plys on the tread face, hard to see any on the tread wall at all. No torn lugs. As mentioned, sand performance is exceptional considering they are an aggressive tread.

ROAD - Have no doubt, there is noise from these muddies, but nothing that cannot be blocked out with air conditioning or a low radio. When driving with the roof off and windows open the noise is a little more noticeable than new, but very tolerable. Sipings are a little secondhand generally, but still plenty of depth. Dry and wet weather grip is as good as new, and comparable to the GY Silent Armour.

The pic show the closeup of the tread pattern on the spare - this is the worst of the tyres, and shows the most wear - not much really. Very impressed with these tyre so far.
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